professionals in the field

The program includes a Global T Immersion micro internship at a business that engages in global trade. We send students to places like Patagonia, Deckers, and the Port of Los Angeles for a facilities tour followed by a session where they apply what they learned during the T Shirt module to a global trade problem that the host company faces. They get to see firsthand how what they’ve learned applies to real life businesses, meet and work with professionals in the field, and discuss educational and career opportunities in the global trade and logistics industry.

(have all the brownies! mommy doesn want one. Yay!) i get a little quieter. (thats kind of nice too. Witt IV, James Michael Schor, John Mark Giles, Jonathan T. Harrell, Joseph Lafayette Weed, Katherine B. Gray, Katherine T. Marilyn Ervine, Frank Luther and Peter Steinhofer judged this year’s essays. The winner at the district level will receive a $600 scholarship funded by the Optimist International Foundation. The winner at the district level will compete against the winners from other districts to determine the International Essay Contest Winners.

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During the semifinal heat, Harriton placed a strong third behind Nardin and Merion Mercy by one second. Saturday, rowers Julia Miller, Eliza Brooks and Alex Sparks Hanson, with coxswain Julie Castelbaum, placed fifth in the finals in 6:22.473. Their women’s lightweight four is nationally ranked fifth.In other Main Line high school action at the SRAA Nationals:Agnes Irwin completed its season with its highest finish ever at the SRAA Nationals.The second varsity 8 of coxswain Lucy Mahoney, Allie Erixxon, Shakirah Tabourn, Samantha Schafrank, Daly Johnson, Alissa Celli, Wendy Li, Katie Dormans and Liz Howell were underdogs going into an event that usually boasts boats of mostly junior and senior rowers.With a crew of mostly sophomores, two juniors wholesale jerseys and two freshmen, AIS took third in its preliminary heat and secured a spot in Saturday’s semifinal.The first varsity 8 of coxswain Aminah Twyman, Hanna Bottger, Gabby Ware, sole senior Eliza Hastings, Nimet Cebeci, Caroline Kraeutler, Maddie Whitehead, Maddie Slezak and Caitlyn Petrakis took fourth in its heat after a windy start, which meant it had to come back later Friday afternoon and place in the top three in the repechage to advance to Saturday’s semifinal.

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