Above the Bears on the shorts

Above the Bears on the shorts, however, are a series of dots. Perhaps they symbolize the holes often found in Cal’s defense. These dots, with blue and gold on one side of a line, and black and gray, fading away into the Bear, on the other, are quite possibly the most controversial aspect of the new uniforms..

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The museum’s items comprise 20 years of Sea Otter Classic history, dating to 1991, the event’s inaugural year. Abbott, a former pro motocross rider participated. As the Sea Otter Classic lore details, there were about 300 athletes, the event was held in small confines (Fort Ord was still an active military base) and mountain bikes were heavy, cumbersome and far from hi tech machines.

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“Especially in the South and West, if you go beyond the big five national chains, you can find some interesting choices,” said Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor for Bon Appetit magazine. Now based in New York, Knowlton grew up in the South eating at chains like Bojangles’, and just worked a 24 hour shift cooking and waiting tables at his personal favorite, Waffle House, for a feature for the magazine. “If you go to in Texas or Waffle House anywhere, you get a feel you won’t find anyplace else, a fast food terroir.”.

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